Thursday, 3 January 2013

Getting There

So I woke up this morning with a plan.  I wanted to get the girls toys organized, so I wanted to get some boxes to put them all in.  I thought I would only need 4 boxes, but by now I have realized I am going to need a few more then that.  I went to the shops this morning trying to find the right size and colour of boxes I wanted.  I only came home with two in the end, so I could see if they were the right size, they were 75l boxes. I found out they were and have them filled all ready.  One now has Puzzles and games in and the other has my younger daughters Happyland toys in.  I now need boxes for the musical instruments, dolls and barbies, electronic toys and then miscellaneous.  Hopefully I will have these done by the end of the month.

My healthy eating is also going well, although I am craving pop, but I'm not giving in.  I haven't done any exercising yet, although I was helping my daughter with her Xbox kinect game Once Upon a Monster, which meant I got a little bit of activity done today.  Also walking round all the shops help too.

I am really looking forward to tomorrow as I am getting a new tumble dryer.  This means I can get all my clothes washed and dryed and hopefully see the bottom of the wash baskets this weekend.  Then I will need to organize all the clothes back into the wardrobes and draws.  I am sure I have a lot of clothes that can even be thrown out or donated.

Ok, see you tomorrow for more of my daily chores.


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