Thursday, 26 July 2012

Motivation, Motivation, Motivation

This is what I need right now as I am feeling very lost.  I need this for my beautiful girls as my relationship with their dad seems to be falling apart slowly and I need to be able to stand and be strong for them.   You see for the last six years I have gone around the country for him so he can follow his dreams and now it has come to a point where I need to sort mine out.  For this to happen I need to have a hella a lot of motivation and money, which I don't have much off.  But it the next few weeks you will see that I am going to be more motivated and more determined then ever.

From today, I am setting up four of the most important goals for me and them.

Number 1.  Make a five year life plan, so I know where we are going. 

Number 2.  Get some money into saving, so I have some back up money.

Number 3.  Go back to college so I can have my dream job and prove to my girls that at no matter what age you are you can live your dreams.  (I'm 30 by the way).

Number 4.  Learn to drive and get a car, so I can have more independence. 

So for now I am thinking positive and off to make my five year plan.

See you tomorrow and keep motivated in whatever you do.

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